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16 Irresistible Videos of Students and Teachers

The educators and supporters who use create countless occasions to celebrate, and—when we’re lucky—a camera is rolling to capture the moment. Here are 16 favorite videos from 16 years of memories shared by our teachers, donors, partners, and staff. (Prepare your brain for a delightful endorphin rush.)

16. When these kids reminded us what it’s like to be surprised by a brand-new book of your very own. 

15. When Mashable got up close and personal with Charles Best, our founder (and a former public school teacher).

14. When a group of generous funders shared their #BestSchoolDay… and encouraged others to make every day great for public school students.

13. When this structure was still standing, baby.

12. When Unifix cubes finally found their true calling: music.

11. When VlogBrothers showed us what happens if you put a CD in the microwave. 

10. When all we wanted was an invite to this party.

9. When Carson Kressley discussed his favorite class. Also, cabooses.

8. When everybody went, “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

7. When we heard whatever these noises are.

5. When we first met Walt, an amazing teacher (and—little did he know—future Outreach Director).

4. When the package arrived.

3. When we got the chance to show off our pipes.

2. When we found someone who likes to wiggle while they work as much as we do.

1. When these guys came into our lives. (Whatever they’re reading, we want a copy.)

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More endorphins.
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More Walt.


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