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2007 Highlights

In honor of a wonderful 2007, we wanted to share some of the highlights that made it one of the best years yet for

  1. We went national: We now serve every public school in the U.S. – any public school, anywhere, can submit a proposal. We have already funded projects in all 50 states.
  2. We were recognized:
  3. We delivered resources: Donors have supported over 1 million students to-date
  4. We got a shout-out: Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Stephen Colbert spoke about us on the Colbert Report, resulting in over $66,000 in donations to the “Colbert For President” challenge
  5. We benefited from holiday generosity: An amazing $3 million was donated during the holiday season, and 40% of the donations were given to others to spend as gift certificates!

Thank you to all who made 2007 so great!

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