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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Teaming up with Ariba!

When we decided to make available to public school teachers nationwide, we knew that we’d have to apply cutting-edge technology to scale our back-office procurement, fulfillment, customer service, and financial operations. We announced today that we’ll be doing this by plugging into Ariba’s on-demand “Spend Management” systems! We know that these back-office functions…

September Great Stories!

In case you didn’t catch the first installment of great stories on the blog last month, here’s the deal. We send out ten great stories from the previous month to the entire team. Since these always make us gleeful, we wanted to share them with everyone! Kansas, Eye Catching Kindness gets a lot… News Roundup

99Papers is an online charity that makes it easy to help a classroom in need. This blog is the place to get 99Papers news, tips for project creation and reaching your project goal, classroom stories, and outstanding student thank-you notes. Are you a teacher? Create a project Want to donate? Support a classroom Back to the 99Papers…