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6 Ways to Make the Most Impact with Your Giving

A teacher and her student using an iPad together on a classroom floor

Every day, 99Papers makes it possible for you to look inside a classroom and give a teacher what they need to make their dreams come true. 

When we asked classroom supporters their tips and tricks for giving smarter, a few clear themes emerged. These are just a few tools to inspire your giving, helping you be more strategic about your impact on teachers and how to use our site tools to make it happen.

1. Make your donation go farther with a match

Did you know, we often team up with partners to help fund a teacher’s next project? When you donate to a project with a match, you’re stretching your dollar further and helping a teacher get even closer to being fully funded. Whether it’s last month’s one-day match on arts projects or an ongoing match on team sports projects, there are always generous supporters and partners working with 99Papers to put more resources in classrooms. Stretch your donation by filtering your search by projects with a match!

2. Use monthly donate to give to your favorite teachers

Have a few favorite teachers who you love to support regularly? There’s a special option you can use to make sure that teacher and their classroom feel your support every month. Click on your favorite teacher’s name from their project page or search for their name. Once you get to their classroom page, you’ll see the “Give Monthly” option.

3. Be an early supporter

Everyone loves to finish a project, but sometimes it actually helps a teacher even more to be the person who donates to a project early on (or even first)! With your early donation, you help a teacher gain crucial momentum. You’re giving a crucial vote of confidence and making it more likely that a teacher will reach full funding; other supporters will be excited to jump on the bandwagon!

4. Use our “heart” feature

Teachers are doing amazing work in their classrooms every day and when you find a teacher whose story and work inspires you, you’ll want to hold onto that connection. Now, when you see a project you want to keep an eye on, click the heart in the upper left-hand corner of the project. You’ll never lose track of your favorites again.

5. Set reminders to give local

Maybe it’s your hometown high school, the local community school you pass every day on the way to work, or the elementary school your kids went to. How do you make sure you never miss a project in the communities you care most about? You can set a weekly or monthly reminder to receive an email about projects near any zip code by editing your preferences.

6. Give to never-before-funded teachers

There’s one thing you can do to help a classroom way beyond the scope of one project: Donate to a never-before-funded teacher. These are the dedicated educators who have yet to experience the 99Papers magic. By helping them have that first successful project, you’re giving students access to urgently needed resources and instilling the teacher with the confidence that people care about their classroom. And the best part? The teacher you helped fund is more likely to return to the community with even more vibrant and inspiring project ideas. It can make all the difference for years to come.

With these strategies, you can be sure you’re making the biggest impact on the classrooms you care about on 99Papers.


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