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99designs Shares the Gift of Giving

Our friends at 99designs, the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace, have helped us support classrooms since May 2012 when they flexed their way to victory in the first ever Pushup Charity Challenge. They did 100 pushups in total to raise money for – you guessed it – classrooms!

Since the Pushup Challenge, 99designs has continued to support classrooms, but this time with a more personal approach: giving each of their 60 employees a $100 gift card to use towards the project of  his or her choice. Armed with these gift cards, staffers got firsthand experience with the mission and chose requests ranging from tablet computers to a Dr. Seuss inspired dance class.

We thank our friends at 99designs for their generosity and continued support of classrooms in need. Join 99designs in sharing the gift of giving company-wide and support classroom projects today!


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