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A Mustache Sonnet

Last month, Jon Rodney of New York joined an army of men on what he called a “4-week odyssey to discover where mustaches come from and to help raise money for education in low-income school districts.” In other (less epic) words, Jon participated in Mustaches for Kids as a New York grower. During the weeks Jon grew rather attached to his new-found facial hair, naming his ‘stache “The Sultan of Brunei.” With his mustache as his muse, Jon wrote a sonnet:

Shall I compare you to a Fu Manchu?
You have more majesty and careless grace.
Even well trimmed ‘staches gather food;
Untended they can blight a pretty face.
And though their furry tails dangle down,
Presenting stunning profiles from the side,
Powerful mustaches are renowned
For filling men with vanity and pride.
But you have walked a noble path with style,
Not noticing the beauty of your deeds.
Your generous gifts have launched a thousand smiles
On needy children learning how to read.
Long after facial hair has played its part,
A Fu Manchu will grow inside your heart.

Thank you for sharing Jon! We will not forget you and “The Sultan of Brunei.” Long live the ‘stache!


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