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A Teacher Fights Tragedy with Support and Supplies

When tragedy strikes, special education teacher Debby Guardino is never far behind.

In May, Joplin, Missouri was devastated by a tornado that killed 160 and left the town in ruins. By early July, Debby Guardino was on the scene. In addition to single-handedly raising over $400,000 for schools affected by the disaster, Ms. Guardino traveled to Missouri to teach Joplin teachers how to use  to replace thousands of dollars worth of destroyed supplies.

So when Louisa, VA was hit with a destructive earthquake this summer, we weren’t surprised to learn that Debby traveled to the community in December to help 99Papers support teachers. In between working to rebuild the small town and meeting with local teachers, Ms. Guardino helped get these projects up-and-running—and many of them are still waiting to be funded!

The entire team would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Ms. Guardino—her support for students and teachers in Joplin, Louisa, and her own school community reminds us that you really can help rebuild a school one donation at a time.

Debby helps Louisa teachers navigate!
Rebuilding takes strength and patience…luckily there’s a teacher on the case


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