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Bing likes us! They really like us!

Teachers are always wondering where their students are now. What have they achieved? Are they happy? Did my classroom make a difference in his/her life? Well, the 2011 Teachers Making a Difference Awards Luncheon, presented by Bing and held at the Bing Bar during the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah, is going to help answer these questions for a few select teachers. Actors expected to attend include Jeremy Piven, Cheryl Hines, Richard Schiff, and Adrian Grenier, who plan to reunite with the teachers who had the most impact in their lives. How cool is that? loves when events like this take place. It’s a chance for so many unsung heroes of education to realize the impact they make on their students. Bing is continuing their ongoing support of education by giving $100 gift cards to these actors and their teachers, as well as others who attend this event, which takes place on Tuesday, January 25. Pretty smart, huh? Just another way to make sure classrooms in need receive essential supplies so teachers can keep on making a difference!

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