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Boston ‘Staches

Brave philanthropists in Boston recently dove into the world of manly mustaches to help kids. These men sacrificed their honor and their faces to walk a lonely, month-long journey of growing mustaches. Leading up to the Super Bowl, they honored famous Boston mustache Wes Welker:

Left to right: Josh Lynch, Brian Hult, Jon Cody Haines

Their enthusiasm for all things Boston and mustache landed them on the local news. Check out the coverage they received on WHDH Boston!

The guys of Boston M4K raised nearly $18,000 for classroom projects, and one man in particular went above and beyond. Jordan Melcon told his friends, family, and colleagues that if he reached his $7,000 goal, he would shave his head.

As you see, he met his goal, and single-handedly raised over $8,000 for students in need!

Jordan, from all of us at, and on behalf of the thousands of students you’ve help: Thank you! And we hope you have lots of hats.


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