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Chalkboard Stories: How One Stranger Changed My Classroom

Before Katy Grubbs joined our team, she was an elementary school teacher for seven years. We asked her to talk about her first experience with, and she shared this story:

We talked to Katy once before for our blog; she’s one of the “people who make your project come to life.” Here’s a favorite quote from that post:

A former teacher, Katy is armed with first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to work in a classroom without the tools needed to help each student excel. “When my project materials were delivered it felt similar to opening presents on Christmas morning,” she said. “My students’ excitement over the new resources was palpable.” Now that she’s on the other side of that experience, Katy says she “can sense the excitement through a teacher’s email. Hearing how the new materials will impact their students, is the highlight of my job!”

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