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Changes to Shop Save Give Campaign

Many of you have noticed our exciting partnership with, a Next Jump company. Through this partnership, Next Jump is supporting critical technology projects on and inspiring the next generation of engineers. As you may have also noticed, this partnership has evolved since it first launched in November, leading to many exciting changes on

As a pioneering technology company, Next Jump is continuously creating, tweaking, and innovating. In the words of their Founder and CEO, Charlie Kim, “We have a culture of innovation, and the ability to experiment is key in our investments.” These investments include SA500 Kids and Shop Save Give on

This philosophy and approach explain an upcoming change that will impact the way voting works on To make sure our teachers and their supporters know what to expect, we’ve published full campaign details in our Help Center, along with information about this upcoming voting change. We’ll continue to add details to that page as we learn more, so stay tuned!

We’re grateful for the passion that teachers and the Next Jump team display to bring technology into more public school classrooms across the country.


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