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Classroom chalk inspires

By: J. Alex Pruner, Screening Manager

We’ve been experimenting with the ancient art of classroom chalk in the new office space. Thanks to the vision of our creative partners from the design firm Eight Inc., Allison, Karina, and Jeff, and the inspired talent of chalk artist Mark Hamilton, our office now features multiple classroom-sized chalkboard walls with vibrant chalk illustration.

Mark spent a week in our office transforming The Playground, our common space, with his dynamic chalk art. The “Thank You Wall” commemorates rockstar teachers, citizen philanthropists, generous partners, and significant giving campaigns including disaster relief to schools in Joplin, MO and Moore, OK. The “Thank You Wall” also includes hand drawn images of reddit aliens and Ham Rove, a beloved icon of Colbert Nation.

The centerpiece is a diverse mosaic chalkboard of commonly requested supplies by teachers on Mark chose bold icons which represent different methods of classroom teaching. The illustrated chalkboard includes a microscope, paintbrush, world globe, basketball, laptop and a magnifying lens among other surprises. If you take a closer look you can see a familiar character from the book Where the Wild Things Are playing with a Bunsen beaker. In Mark’s own words, “we wanted a bit of mischief in the chalk art.”

Check out this video to hear more from Mark:


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