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Congratulations ThinkGeek Winners!

Thank you everyone who posted their favorite elementary school memories on our blog! During the past week we have really enjoyed reading about everyone’s experiences whether they were funny, sweet, or touching. Tuesday we selected ten people to win $100 to and thought it would be a cool idea to share some excerpts from their comments:

“I learned how to stand up for myself and use an anti-bullying technique – distraction.  Now, as a third grade inner-city teacher, I try to share similar strategies with my students, especially using humor.  My students face much worse challenges than I did, confronting the ravages of poverty, abuse, and violence.  However, my class loves using joke books to cheer each other up and distract from bullying.” –Colleen

“The teacher gave us a quiz but emphasized that we were to read the whole thing before answering any of the questions. I did; at the end it said to only put my name on the page and wait. Only a few, if any, of my classmates bothered to read the paper before starting it. I got to watch them jump up and down on one foot, spin around three times, draw boxes and  triangles on the page… The teacher caught my eye and gave me a big grin and a wink. Now I’m a teacher, and I try to use humor in my lessons whenever possible.” –Julie

“I loved the (whole school) plays we put on – Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Under the Sea. Still have the pictures!!!” –Cindy

Thanks for sharing!


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