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Credit Suisse employees support 250,000 students over the holidays!

In the largest employee giving campaign in the 10-year history of, 4,331 employees from Credit Suisse chose to donate to classroom projects in need as part of this year’s Holiday Charity Initiative.

The average donation was incredibly generous – $150 per employee, 75%  more than our average donation.  Over 100 employees gave more than $1,000 each.  Overall, Credit Suisse employees from 25 states gave to classroom projects in their own backyards and across the country.

Credit Suisse employees chose to support a large range of classroom projects, from basic classroom needs like pencils and paper, to a $20,000 field trip to Europe for low-income middle school students.  Employees made many inspirational comments to the classrooms they supported, such as:

  •  “I gave to this project because I am a mother of two boys and have  many young loved ones.  I want to support our children and be one more helping hand.  Together we can do it.  They’re counting on us!”
  • “I gave to this project because my company Credit Suisse is a strong supporter of giving back to our community, and helping its employees find meaningful ways to contribute.”
  •  “I remember every great teacher that inspired me throughout my childhood and I am incredibly happy that I can contribute to the learning and education of our youth.  Keep up the good work and I hope you are able to inspire these kids as much as I was inspired by my teachers.”

Below is a heartfelt thank-you note from a teacher whose project, “College Bound“, that Credit Suisse employees funded:

Below are pictures from the classroom projects Credit Suisse employees supported:

Credit Suisse, on behalf of the students and teachers we serve, THANK YOU!


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