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“Favorite Things” from Ms. McSpadden’s Music Room

Ms. McSpadden, a K-5 music teacher in Houston, TX, recently shared a few of her favorite classroom materials and activities in our discussion forum. With 28 projects funded in less than 3 years, there is much to choose from.

“My “favorite things” are those that create excitement and motivation among my students.  When my hand reaches for an item and my students cheer, I know I’ve got a winner.”

Triangles, wood blocks, recorders and cymbals
Staff paper, crayons, erasers and pencils
Hand drums, and xylophones help us to sing

These are a few of my favorite things.

Check out more of Ms. McSpadden’s favorites in our discussion forum, and share some from your own music room. Connect with other teachers to discuss ideas, stories, and ask for advice from peers across the country!


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