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Find Out Who Won Our 2017 #GivingTuesday GIVEaway

On November 28th, an incredible 15,700 people from across the United States celebrated #GivingTuesday by supporting over 11,715 teachers. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to send thousands of boxes full of supplies to classrooms, which means tens of thousands of students will get the chance to start their 2018 with the tools they need to learn. Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the giving spirit!

But that’s not all. Every one of those donors and the teachers they supported got the chance to win a $5,000 gift card. We drew 100 names, and shared the good news with all of our lucky teachers and donors. They’ve received their gift codes, and we can’t wait to see what classroom dreams they’ll bring to life!

Rebekah T. from North Carolina

Juan C. from California

Lori H. from Wisconsin

Mark K. from Massachusetts

Amanda C. from Wisconsin

Michael D. from California

Raluca D. from Oregon

Nichole L. from Michigan

Brenda J. from North Carolina

Emily B. from Florida

Sarah D. from New York

Elizabeth H. from Washington

Kristin Y. from Georgia

Makayla A. from Florida

Sarah B. from Ohio

Laura S. from Missouri

Theresa S. from Wisconsin

Carlena G. from South Carolina

Amy V. from New York

Janet S. from Georgia

Carolyn A. from California

Jaynti S. from Connecticut

Whitney P. from Indiana

Michael G. from Ohio

Samantha R. from Georgia

Dalila M. from Florida

Allison J. from Colorado

Katherine A. from California

Sacha M. from Wisconsin

Jared K. from Indiana

Tara E. from Alaska

Lori Ann F. from Rhode Island

Tommy W. from Alaska

Jonathan M. from California

Tom S. from California

Brett W. from New York

Heidi S. from Washington

Mark M. from Arizona

Ryan S. from California

Jake V. from Wisconsin

Mary A. from Illinois

Andrea K. from North Carolina

Michele J. from California

Deb L. from Illinois

Ivy H. from California

Robert L. from Texas

Jane T. from Virginia

Patricia W. from Wisconsin

Sarah N. from California

Beverly F. from New York

Cassandra D. Arkansas

Veronica H. from California

Ruth L. from Maine

Melissa S. from Wisconsin

Mary V. from California

Ashley D. from Pennsylvania

Susan C. from Texas

Lisa G. from New York

Elizabeth E. from Massachusetts

Gail R. from Pennsylvania

Rebecca R. from Ohio

Michelle R. from Florida

Hannah H. from Kentucky

Stacey C. from Texas

Heather S. from Ohio

Zheng L. from New York

Melissa K. from Massachusetts

Stephanie S. from Washington

Kristin C. from California

Jennifer M. from New York

Sabrina G. from Massachusetts

Briana L. from Texas

Heather D. from California

Lauren P. from Illinois

Krista A. from Virginia

Julie S. from West Virginia

Staci A. from Georgia

Lynn K. from Florida

Dawn S. from Washington

Amanda B. from New Jersey

Christin B. from Arkansas

Sandra H. from Texas

Alyson S. from New York

Raechel M. from North Carolina

Julie A. from California

Norelle L. from Nevada

Leslie S. from Texas

Katherine P. from South Carolina

Adam W. from California

Jess H. from New York

Jackie A. from Washington D.C.

Christy G. from Florida

Aaron F. from Oregon

Karen E. from New York

Erin W. from Missouri

Nicole P. from New York

Sheldon J. from Florida

Tamara H. from Connecticut

Melissa T. from Illinois

Annette D. from California

How the winners were chosen: Official #GivingTuesday GIVEaway 2017 Rules


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