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“Good Deid Growers” Help Kids While Serving Their Country

Introducing, the “Good Deid Growers” of the Al Udeid, Qatar Air Base!  While overseas serving their country, these courageous men have also started growing mustaches to raise money for students across the country. They’ve even gone above and beyond the call of (mustache) duty by committing to grow mustaches for the entire length of their deployment. This extends their growing season from a meager 4 weeks to an entire 6 months—talk about ‘stache dedication!

The “Leaderboard” of the Military Mustache Growers features 8 outstanding members of society, including Steve Pruitt, whose healing from a recent injury in his upper lip “allowed the start of something epic.” The Good Deid Growers have selected various classroom projects that will reach 850 kids and have already reached $600 dollars in donations! To keep track of their progress or donate to one of their projects, visit their Giving Page.    

In the words of “Good Deid Grower” Dustin Alexander, “a head only exists as a home for a mustache.” Grow on, fellas.


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