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Guest Blogger: Jayrell Ringpis, Operations Intern

From left to right: Rebecca Silverberg, Alison Hung, Amanda Villani, Kayli Kemperle, Mimi Pichette, Jamie Mekrebs, Navil Infante, Alicia Perez, Sophia Boyer, Ramyaa Ravichandra, Jayrell Ringpis, Gabriela Brennet. Not pictured: Kate Uhlman

Introducing the Summer 2013 Interns:

Name: Rebecca Silverberg

Position: Customer Relations Intern

College: University of Chicago ‘14

Major: Psychology

Fast Fact: During the school year, Rebecca researches cross-cultural moral development and directs WYSE, a women’s mentoring organization.

Reason for being at Rebecca is passionate about promoting a high quality education for all students. She believes is a great place to explore the world of nonprofits while promoting a great cause.

Name: Alison Hung

Position: Logistics and Business Relations Intern

College: University of Chicago ‘14

Major: English Language and Literature

Fast Fact: Alison studied abroad in Paris in the spring, where she pretty much ate a baguette per day!

Reason for being at Alison is passionate about education and youth development and has always been interested in the non-profit sector. Her extracurricular activities and past internships have further strengthened these interests. As a student teacher in a second-grade classroom at an elementary school in Chicago, she has seen firsthand how much students can benefit from learning in creative ways and well-thought-out projects. Alison is excited about working with the LBR team because she loves gaining insight into what happens behind the scenes to make amazing things happen at a non-profit like!

Name: Amanda Villani

Position: Video Marketing Intern

College: Harvard University ‘14

Major: History of Science and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Fast Fact: During the school year, Amanda works as an academic research assistant and barista, so if you ever want to discuss history, science, or Starbucks coffee, she’d love to chat!

Reason for being at As a rising senior, Amanda believes her position helps to fortify her post-undergraduate plan of action. She has always been drawn to the nonprofit and education sectors, as well as the idea of professional marketing and video-making, so this position at seemed like the ideal fit! Furthermore, because staff members at come from such diverse educational and professional backgrounds, Amanda hopes to learn from others’ experiences in order gain some insight into her own future.

Name: Kayli Kemperle

Position: Donor Appreciation Intern

College: Bentley University ‘15

Major: Accounting

Fast Fact: This summer Kayli is participating in her first first triathlon!

Reason for being at During the school year, Kayli works with Bentley University’s Service-Learning Center where she manages two programs. Her two programs each work specifically in the local high school and elementary schools. Kayli aligns closely with the mission and vision because she has witnessed firsthand how public school students can be deprived of basic lessons and the help they need to succeed in school.

Name: Mimi Pichette

Position: Customer Relations Intern

College: Princeton University ‘14

Major: Politics/African Studies

Fast Fact: Mimi is currently learning Swahili!

Reason for being at In addition to being very passionate about the mission, Mimi is very interested in the non-profit and NGO sectors. She hopes to not only contribute to the improvement of the American education system through her work here at, but also to gain insight into the operations of a thriving non-profit organization. Mimi also hopes to learn from the amazing staff and their experiences, while developing a sharper understanding of her future goals.

Name: Jamie Merkrebs

Position: Logistics and Business Relations Intern

College: Vanderbilt University ’15

Major: Human & Organizational Development and Corporate Strategy

Fast Fact: Jamie is a 20 year old, who has a side obsession with makeup and loves to read (her favorite author is Carlos Ruiz Zafon).

Reason for being at Aside from being passionate about the cause, Jamie hopes to understand the intricacies of the nonprofit world with the hopes of consulting in the future.

Name: Navil Infante

Position: Customer Relations Intern

College: Long Island University ‘15

Major: Political Science and Latin American Studies

Fast Fact: Navil’s career goal is to attend law school after she graduates.

Reason for being at Navil is also part of the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship program, which has given her the opportunity to intern at 99Papers. She is extremely passionate about the mission of this organization. This internship is going to give her the opportunity to contribute to making our education system better.

Name: Alicia Perez

Position: Logistics & Business Relations Intern

College: Marymount Manhattan College ‘16

Major: Journalism

Fast Fact: Alicia hopes to pursue a career in journalism, specifically focusing on science-related news.

Reason for being at Alicia is also a JK Watson Fellow, and for her first summer, she had to choose from several nonprofits to interview for. 99Papers was on that list because Alicia was very interested in how nonprofits have utilized the online world and she was impressed by the mission.

Name: Sophia Boyer

Position: Customer Relations Intern

College: Georgetown University ‘14

Major: Government

Fast Fact: In her free time, Sophia can be found museum-hopping, memorizing lines from “The West Wing,” and watching documentaries.

Reason for being at Sophia deeply admires the work being done at From the welcome emails to the warm smiles, everyone at DC ensured that her transition into the organization was smooth. Getting to join such an extraordinary team has been her highlight so far, only rivaled by learning to use their hyper-cool coffee machine.

Name: Ramyaa Ravichandra

Position: Donor Appreciation & Volunteer Management Intern

College: CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College ‘14

Major: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Fast Fact: Ramyaa is a nomad, having parents who move very often due to their jobs. She has lived in 15 different places throughout her life!

Reason for being at Ramyaa is interning at because she loves little kids and enjoys teaching. Being from India, she has seen many children not receive quality education due to poverty and bias against female children. Education she feels is the gap the bridges different people, cultures and lives. By interning at, an organization that has made its mission to provide tools for bettering education in our society, she feels like she is a part of a change that is big and very important.

Name: Gabriela Brennet

Position: Donor Appreciation Team

College: Muhlenberg College ‘14

Major: Psychology and Elementary Education

Fast Fact: While Gabriela is at school, she volunteers weekly at underprivileged elementary schools and aftercares, where she spends time working one-on-one with students.

Reason for being at Approaching her senior year of college, Gabriela was ready for an amazing experience, and believed that would be able to offer her that. As an education major and someone who has had a lot of one on one experience with children, Gabriela felt that this organization would give her another perspective on education. Inspired by her brother beginning a career at a non-profit in Washington D.C, Gabriela felt that would be a perfect place for her to learn more about what it would be like to work one as well.

Name: Jayrell Ringpis

Position: Operations Intern

College: California State University, San Marcos ‘13

Major: Management Information Systems, Economics

Fast Fact: Jayrell owns a startup called Passion Fruit!

Reason for being at Jayrell is sincerely passionate about startups, education, and non-profits, so was the perfect fit. He plans on founding his own non-profit in the future, but in the meantime, he’s thankful to be joining a superstar team and contributing to an innovative mission.

Name: Kate Uhlman

Position: Partnerships & Business Development Intern

College: TBD! (High School: Kent Place School)

Fast Fact: Kate has dual citizenship in the United States and Germany!

Reason for being at This is Kate’s second summer interning here at DC, and she is just as excited as she was on her first day. Kate is passionate about the non-profit world as well as the education crisis in this country, and she believes there is no better way to learn than here at! Being in such a warm and open environment motivates her to do her best every day.


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