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Guest Teacher Blogger: Emily Cruz, My Crazy Life in Kinder

Emily Cruz
Blog: My Crazy Life in Kinder Teacher Page

Early this June, my principal informed me that come September I would be teaching a K/1 combo class.  While I was thrilled to take on the challenge, the planner in me kicked into gear immediately.  Kinder has been my home for many years so I quickly started thinking about not only the first grade curriculum and standards, but also about how I could manage the two grades effectively.  My school’s population is low-income with 87% English learners, so every minute (and dollar) counts.  I knew that getting the supplies to support these students could add up very quickly, and needed a plan of attack.

I had heard about from family members and colleagues, and figured that I would give it a shot.  After touring the website and creating an account, I began creating my first project.  I then spread the word through email, Facebook, my blog, and word-of-mouth.  I quickly received my first donation from my favorite volunteer (grandma).  A few weeks went by with no more donations.  Tempted to purchase the supplies myself, I waited “patiently”; having faith that many people out there support education and our schools, and that one of them would stumble upon my project.  Sure enough, I was right.  A donor from California contributed and I was halfway there.

Only three short days later my project was fully funded.  Starbucks generously completed not only my project, but also another project from my school!  I quickly spread the good news and happily celebrated with a latte.  As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on my classroom over the years, I cannot express how easy and truly amazing this experience has been.  I am so grateful and am not only motivated to create a new project, but also become a donor!


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