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Help a Moore, OK Hero Rebuild Her Classroom

On May 20th, Mrs. Marinelli’s life changed forever when winds destroyed her Plaza Towers Elementary School classroom. In addition to losing 8 years worth of teaching materials, falling debris crushed Mrs. Marinelli’s lower back and tore vital ligaments as she protected three students from the classroom’s crumbling ceiling. The aftermath of the EF-5 tornado left her critically injured and wheelchair-bound.

Despite several months of intensive health care and rehabilitation, Mrs. Marinelli has not stopped thinking about her students. Anticipating the upcoming school year, she has posted a project proposal on to rebuild her classroom. Her extraordinary dedication to her students is clear even in the face of disaster and injury:

“Teaching is my life, the kids are my passion, and nothing is going to hold me back from what I love!”

Read more about Mrs. Marinelli and her project to find out how you can help a hero rebuild her classroom.


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