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Help Lands’ End Design a T-Shirt and Help Students Learn!

Do you know some creative, artistic, colorful kids? We know you do, so have them enter Lands’ End’s “Every Tee Tells a Story” contest and they can see their winning t-shirt design sold at Lands’ End!  Check out the Lands’ End site or press release for more information.  The contest’s theme is “Arctic Exploration,” so anything cold weather-related would fit to a T (bad pun, I know!).  Check out the example below (not for sale, but the winning t-shirt will be for sale later this Fall)!

So how does this help students learn?  Well, For each entry into the contest, Lands’ End is donating $1 to fund art-related classroom projects – up to $10,000!  Entries must be postmarked by September 7, so tell all the kids you know and help improve arts education in schools across the country.


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