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I, Too, Sing America

Happy 4th of July!

While you partake in the backyard BBQ’s, parades, and scavenger hunts, wanted to share a project that sings red, white, and blue! I, Too, Sing America, posted by Mrs. Geotz, emphasizes the need for students to learn about the diversity of our nation. Mrs. Goetz is requesting books about the immigrant experience, to teach her students about the different cultures, languages, and traditions that make America unique.

Says Mrs. Goetz: “I want my students to be proud of their cultural heritages and to be proud of being Americans. This project will encourage respect for diversity and inspire my students to see themselves as valuable citizens of the USA.”

In honor of July 4th, won’t you consider giving just $5 to help Mrs. Goetz teach her students about the diversity that makes the US great?


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