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Jane and Mike’s wedding favors

Newlyweds Jane and Mike tied the knot on June 25th in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The couple, who met and live in Charlotte, NC, held a beautiful wedding with family and friends who were able to take advantage of the beach in between the ceremony and reception.

In lieu of party favors for their guests, Jane and Mike opted to make a donation to Upon arrival to the reception, each guest’s table displayed a card detailing Jane and Mike’s experience with and the explanation of their gift.

Jane and Mike have been supporters of in various ways, including helping to organize the Mustaches for Kids campaign. In their wedding blog, they even refer to themselves as a “mustache-grower and a mustache-enthusiast.”

Visit to see the amazing and generous couples who have helped out students through their own love for each other.

Thanks so much for your awesome contribution, Jane and Mike!


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