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Join us on March 30th at 2pm ET for our “How to Start Your Own Online Giving Marketplace” Webinar

Do you work for a nonprofit organization, or are you considering starting one and want to incorporate some aspects?

In response to frequent requests from folks like you, we’ll host an informal webinar on Wednesday, March 30th at 2:00pm ET.

In this 1-hour webinar, Cesar (our COO) and Oliver (our CTO) will spend 15-20 minutes answering questions such as the ones below, followed by a Q&A session:

  • How did get started?
  • What would we have done differently if we were starting today?
  • What are some common pitfalls to avoid when starting an online giving marketplace?
  • How do you maximize the efforts of your volunteers?
  • How do you decide between investing in technology and doing things manually?

The webinar is open to anyone interested in learning more about how works from a technology and operations perspective. We don’t intend to spend time on traditional non-profit development tactics, focusing instead on the unique technical and operational aspects of our organization.

Please RSVP to join us. (We’ll email you all the details.)

We hope you’ll join us for some engaging discussion!


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