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Meet the interns

(L front: Liang, Emily, Barrie, Natalia, Heather, Jessica, Fidel, Dan, Maggie, Becky, Alex, Maddy, Kate) is SO excited to introduce our new summer interns. These bright, fun, and hard working individuals come from all over the map, so let’s get to know them better!

Customer Relations Team:

Alex is from Phoenix, AZ

Becky is from Brooklyn, NY and attends Brooklyn College. One thing that surprised her about the way it all got started up.  Charles Best spoke at a seminar for my Watson fellowship and there were so many interesting stories on how it all came about. Fun Fact? Becky is one of seven kids, one of which is her twin!

Emily is from West Hartford, CT and studies Public Policy and Human Rights at the University of Chicago. One thing that surprised her about that her desk is directly next to the desk of Charles Best, the founder of Pretty Awesome! Fun Fact? Emily can walk backwards while pointing out buildings and reciting facts really well (she’s a tour guide at UChicago)

Feedback Team

Daniel: Pittsburgh, PA

Human Capital Team

Heather: Westport, CT

Logistics and Business Relations Team

Natalia is from Miami, FL and studies Psychology and Public Policy at Dartmouth College. One thing that surprised her about that Charles Best sits right behind her! Fun Fact? Natalia lived in Colombia until she was 10.

Maddy is from Ridgewood, NJ and is a double major in Global Studies and Science, Technology, and Society at Colby College. One thing that surprised her about how efficiently and enthusiastically the staff works to make sure that every teacher’s needs are addressed. Fun Fact? Maddy is 20 years old and has been to 21 countries!

Liang is from Brooklyn, NY and studies Economics and Mathematics at Syracuse University. One thing that surprised him about the culture is very relaxing and comfortable. Fun Fact? Liang used to work at the American Museum of Natural History.

Marketing Team:

Jessica is from Buffalo, NY and studies Business Education and Spanish at Denison University. One thing that surprised about how many different ways you can write a thank you note. Fun Fact? Jessica worked as a camp counselor in Greece last summer.

Maggie is from Chappaqua, NY and studies Math and Psychology at Union College. One thing that surprised her about how much behind the scenes work happens for any given project. Fun fact? Maggie’s sister is getting married in Israel this summer!

Partnerships and Business Development Team:

Barrie is from Boston, MA and is enrolled in a MBA/MPA graduate program at NYU. One thing that surprised her about how lean the organization is…yet relaxed enough to have yoga and meditation in the main conference room! Fun fact? Barrie has lived in 7 different countries.

Kate: Madison, NJ


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