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Ms. DiBuono’s students are “Hungry for The Hunger Games”

Jessica DiBuono
is a 9th grade teacher in Stamford, Connecticut, who has had 26 projects funded for her classroom through After four years of posting projects, we figured she had a couple favorites. Check out what she said about one of them:

“The most memorable project I have had funded in would be when I received copies of Suzanne Collin’s Catching Fire. I teach a remedial reading class for 9th grade students who struggle with reading and openly state they have “never read a whole book”.

We read The Hunger Games, the first in the series, and they simply DEVOURED it. I have never seen such a voracious appetite in them to read and they begged and begged for the next book. Low on resources, I turned to and was STUNNED when the project was approved and fulfilled in the matter of a few days. Even better, my students could not believe that strangers had purchased it for them. Not only did it help their reading, but it helped them become better citizens of the world as they all pledged to donate community service hours in exchange for the opportunity to read the novel. I am a better teacher and my students are certainly better readers because of the resources you provide.”

We want to know: What book made YOU love reading?


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