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Mustaches are back!

In the next few weeks, the guys of will embark on a four week journey. There will be highs. There will be lows. There will be times when they want to give up. But ultimately, they will push on. Because it will be for the kids.

What is this journey, you ask?

It’s Mustaches for Kids!

Mid-November through Mid-December, more than 500 guys around the country will grow sweet ‘staches to help students in need through Mustaches for Kids Chapters will compete at to help the most kids and look the best doing it. Last year, Mustaches for Kids helped more than 200,000 students get the resources and materials they needed to learn. Let’s see if they can top that this year!

Want to GROW or start your own Mustaches for Kids Chapter? E-mail us at m4k (at) 99Papers (dot) org


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