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Office Trends: The Core Strength Ball

The office is a pretty amazing place to work. The conference rooms are color coded (neon green, purple, and yellow), there are hip mustaches roaming the walls, and of course the people are incredibly passionate about what they do. The office culture at is definitely unique and we thought it would be cool to give insights into the little things that make working here so interesting.

Today’s trend: Chair of Choice. While most people elect to sit in the typical swivel office chairs with the cushioned seats and wheels, some people choose to sit on exercise balls. After a little online research we have discovered that there are several benefits to sacrificing the option to recline and instead sitting on a core strength ball:

  1. Building core strength while “actively sitting” and working at your computer.
  2. Increasing balance and coordination.
  3. Minimizing back pain.
  4. Promoting communication between the left and right sides of your brain.
  5. It’s just plain fun!

Major props to the innovators (like Dan from our Partnerships and Business Development Team, pictured above) who use stability balls as office chairs!


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