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On the 11th Day of Donating: “Engaging the ‘Net Generation’”

How can we use technology to engage today’s children – the “Net Generation?” Ms. Mora of In-tech Academy in New York, NY thinks that incorporating technology into the classroom is one way to answer this question.

Ms. Mora’s students face serious challenges such as “inadequate housing, food instability, and financial insecurity which places stresses on them and distract them from their studies.” In an effort to re-engage her students in the classroom and their studies, Ms. Mora has requested a laptop so she can create and conduct in-class guidance workshops throughout the year.

For the holidays she hopes that her students will use the laptop to create PowerPoint presentations to illustrate the multicultural celebration of winter holidays. Students can create a calendar project that links to celebrations around the world, including different nation’s holiday traditions. See how you can help Ms. Mora’s students assert their voices in the classroom by visiting her project page.


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