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On the 5th Day of Donating: “Simple Supplies”

Remember all of the crafts you brought home to your parents? How the picture would spend weeks and weeks on the fridge? The macaroni collages, handprint turkeys, and cotton ball snowmen? Unfortunately, the fridges of Mrs. Shirley’s class at Thompkins Early Childhood Center in Ozark, AZ lack decoration.

Most of Mrs. Shirley’s young students have never attended school. Many of them do not know how to properly use scissors or glue, and cannot develop these skills unless they have the necessary supplies. Mrs. Shirley plans to use the craft materials she has requested to help her students create holiday keepsakes to take home to their parents. She understands that “five-year-old children still need art projects as part of their developmental learning.”

Help Mrs. Shirley teach her students valuable motor skills and create something beautiful this holiday. Check out her project here.


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