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One young girl who’s making a difference has been featured by Sophia Kofoed, one of the younger members of the community. At only six years old, Sophia took it upon herself to write a book – titled Isabella Makes a Difference – about the power and influence children can have in the world.

Now nine years old, Sophia has added to her book, complete with illustrations by her sister Kiara. Sophia is wise beyond her years, understanding the importance of giving back and encouraging other kids her age to help out as much as they can. Sophia offers ideas and resources for students to make a difference and explains the notion of goals, even providing a journal portion to help her readers set their own.

Sophia and her family have decided to use the proceeds from Isabella Makes a Difference to help By ordering the book and entering the coupon code “99Papers”, you’ll ensure that 40% of the proceeds of your purchase will support While you’re on the website, be sure to read more about Sophia, Kiara and their dedication to helping people!


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