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Our Top 15 Thank-You Notes of 2015

We want to share the love with you! One of the best parts of working at is seeing the thank-you notes that students write to donors who help their classrooms. Below are just a few of our favorites from this year. (Hold onto your hat; this gets very adorable, very quickly.)

15. Objects in thank-yous are larger than they appear.

Dragon (not actual size)
Dragon (not actual size)

14. Liliana explores the effects of tablets on the brain.


13. Just in case you’re that Dale, Jr…


12. Jacob vs. The Other KidsThe-Other-Kids

11. …So, so much.


10. Kemani draws herself painting (and, in the process, masters the art of the meta-thank-you).



9. A new twist on an old aphorism:


8. The BodyWorlds exhibit puts things into perspective.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.04.42 PM

7. Owls are so in right now.



6. Smelly Markers make everything better.



5. Emily Dickinson gets a rewrite. I’m impressed. Are you impressed? I’m impressed.



4. The many uses of the iPad Mini:  



3. Teacher’s mom helps classroom, gets glimpse into future.

African savannah: 1 million years in the future
African savannah: 1 million years in the future


2. In case you had any doubt that helping a classroom makes you a superhero… The Donator Dudes! 

“Giving gazer” not included with thank-you package.


1. Sometimes the best thank-you is simple, earnest, and heartfelt.


See more thank-you notes and read about the philosophy behind them here.


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