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Science bloggers helped oh-so-many students!

For a month, they blogged and they tweeted.  They gave away prizes and made videos.  And all their hard work paid off: science bloggers from around the country competed in Science Bloggers for Students, a competition to deliver materials to classrooms across the country.  More than 50 bloggers from various networks raised $34,690 from 472 citizen philanthropists, affecting the lives of more than 23,000 students.

A big congrats goes out to the all the networks which participated in the month-long challenge: Discover, LabSpaces, Ocean and Geo Bloggers, Scientopia, Seed Media ScienceBlogs, WIRED Science Blogs, and our Indy bloggers!  To see how the competition stacked up, check out the Science Bloggers for Students page!

And a big THANKS goes out to HP, who will match every dollar donated through the challenge – that means Science Bloggers for Students will have TWICE the impact on students around the country!


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