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Scratch volunteers expertise (& ice cream!)

Guest blog post by: Missy Sherburne, Chief Partnerships Officer

You know how sometimes when you meet someone new, you just click? That was our recent experience with the folks at Scratch, a creative consultancy group within Viacom Media Networks. From the moment I spoke to Amy Friedman, their Senior Advisor, I could tell that they ‘got’ and we were going to get along famously.

That’s why I was so thrilled when Amy invited me and my Marketing and Partnerships colleagues over for a full-day collaboration where her Scratchers, as they affectionately call themselves, would help think about what’s keeping us up at night when it comes to our marketing and storytelling efforts.

We all sat down around the table—about 25 of us altogether—and got to work. Scratch shared their expertise, we asked questions, we all brainstormed solutions to some of the toughest issues we’re facing on our teams today.

To say nothing of the amazing ideas and suggestions we picked up during our visit, the day was one of the most exciting and fun examples of corporate volunteerism I’ve ever experienced at What an impactful way for a company to volunteer with a charity they believe in: lending their expertise to the mission! We will be implementing ideas begun with Scratch for months to come.

The cherry on top, literally, was the sundae bar they treated us to in the afternoon.


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