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Search for classroom projects with Bing Maps!

Last Friday, Bing and launched a new way to search for projects! This amazing application shows live projects on an interactive Bing map. You can zero in on projects seeking help in your neighborhood or take a step back and see how great the need is across your state.  Either way, this map will help you find projects with the same great search features you’re used to using at

This app is a great way to find projects you might be interested in supporting, but it’s also really easy to share. Schools, school districts and donors can now put a Bing Map on their own website to help spread the word. Want to help drive support for Cincinnati schools? Just add this to your website:

Give it a test-drive and see how easy it is to use and share!

You can learn a bit more from Matthew Quinlan, who led this project, by visiting his blog post: The Map App.


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