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Share Your Teacher Miracle

This holiday season, we’re asking donors to “Make Miracles Happen” and contribute to projects on our site. However, we know that you make amazing things happen in your classroom everyday. With this in mind, we invite you to tell the world about a special moment you’ve seen or experienced as a teacher.

Use the hashtag #TeachersMakeMiracles on your social media channel of choice to participate. Not sure what to say? Here are three great ideas from fellow educators:

Share an inspiring story from your classroom.

Did a struggling reader make significant progress this fall? Did your shyest student contribute to a discussion? Did a child tell you how much you mean to them?  Tell us about it!

Celebrate a colleague who made a difference.

As a teacher, you are witness to your coworkers’ dedication, creativity, and compassion. Celebrate a colleague by sharing a moment that inspired you.#TeachersMakeMiracles when they inspire colleagues

Who inspired you to become a teacher? Give them a shout out!

Behind every great teacher there is a great… teacher. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the person who inspired you to make a difference in the lives of students!

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