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Speaker Series with Mary Davis Holt: Developing Women Leaders

Did you know that there are only 19 females among  Fortune 500 CEOs – in the year 2012?? Neither did we! This week, executive coach and NY Times Best-Selling author Mary Davis Holt came to headquarters for a visit, and gave a stellar talk on “Developing Women Leaders.”

Mary’s book, Break Your Own Rules: How to Change the Patterns of Thinking that Block Women’s Paths to Power, lays out the “old rules,” or ideas that prevent women from advancing to upper management, and the “new rules,” ways to break self-defeating habits and reach the next level in your career.

The advice hit home with many of our staff members, both male and female. The key points that Mary touched on (from Break Your Own Rules) are:

New Rule                                                             Old Rule

1.            Take Center Stage                            vs.          Focus On Others

2.            Project Personal Power                  vs.          Being Modest

3.            Proceed Until Apprehended          vs.          Seeking Approval

4.            It’s Both/And                                     vs.          It’s All or Nothing

5.            Play to Win                                        vs.          Playing it Safe

6.            Be Politically Savvy                         vs.          Working Harder

Mary challenged us to break OUR own rules, and to step outside of our comfort zones in the workplace. Thanks for the inspiring words Mary, and look out for some female additions to that Fortune 500 list!


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