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#Summerofmusic iPad Winner!

The time has come! On behalf of, we wanted to thank everyone who participated in the 37 People iPad giveaway this month. Your efforts helped reach over 79,000 students and raised $44,587 in donations! The lucky winner, Courtney, has written the following statement below:

“I want to thank 37 People and for having the #summerofmusic contest. The contest inspired me to donate to an amazing music project and win an amazing piece of technology, an iPad! has helped my classroom in immeasurable ways. and 37 people have enhanced the materials I have in place for my students and has allowed them to grow as students. and 37 people have also allowed me to grow as a teacher by providing me with such great technology that I will be able to use both inside and outside of the classroom!”

Congratulations Courtney, and be sure to stay tuned for more contests and giveaways!


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