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Support Classrooms Just by Searching Bing!

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Over the past year, Bing has helped bring more than $1.5 million to classrooms in every state in the country at They have given hundreds of thousands of individuals the power to search and decide, and fund the projects that are most meaning to them. On behalf of all the students and teachers whose lives have been changed by your commitment to education, thank you!

As part of our ongoing partnership, Bing is enabling everyone to support classrooms through the searching you do each day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join Bing Rewards for free and Bing will send you a $5 gift card.
  • Continue searching with Bing, and earn credits which can be redeemed for more $5 gift cards to help more classrooms.

Turn your searching and exploring with Bing into donations for classrooms all year! Visit Bing Rewards to learn more and join today.

Gift cards are limited to one per donor and a maximum of 100 codes can be applied to projects from each teacher. Gift codes are not transferable.


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