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TakePart’s Great Back-to-School Challenge

This Back-to-School Season, TakePart is making sure teachers have the materials they need for a great school year. During the month of September, TakePart will showcase a number of inspiring classroom projects on through their Great Back-to-School Challenge.

One such project is teacher Damien Dziepak’s request for gardening materials. Mr. Dziepak has requested lumber and landscape fabric to build garden beds at the high poverty Los Angeles middle school where he teaches.

The garden, Mr. Dziepak says, will “gives students a chance to get their hands dirty and create a project that can be seen, enjoyed, and nurtured along the way”. It will also help them realize “there is so much more that goes into the tomato that they pick up off the grocery shelf”.

Mr. Dziepak hopes that “creating, planting, caring and growing a garden of vegetables and flowers [will bring] power, responsibility and knowledge to students in an urban setting that otherwise might not have the option of growing things that are their own”.

Visit TakePart to learn more about Mr. Dziepak and his students, and to make a donation to bring his vision to life.


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