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Teachers: Choose Your Own (Crowdfunding) Adventure

You go above and beyond for your students. That’s why you landed here in the first place. However, getting others excited about your classroom projects can be a challenge, whether you’re time-strapped and nervous or enthusiastic and looking to branch out.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to share your projects that you can advocate for your students in a way that works for you. Which tools are a good fit? Answer the flowchart questions, then scroll down to get your strategies. 

Fundraising Flowchart of Awesome!
Graphics: Lynn Overmyer; Text: Emilia Murphy

Didn’t find the perfect fit? Pick and choose from the ideas above to create your own personal strategy and push your project across the finish line. 

Ready to begin? Get started with these helpful links:
Seize current Funding Opportunities
Customize your teacher page and URL
Shake your fist at the sky
Read more about sharing your projects



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