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Thank You, Column Five Media!

Since 2008, has had the privilege of working with Column Five Media on a variety of projects. Come join us on a stroll down memory lane as we highlight some of their amazingly vibrant creations!

To start, they’ve compiled data to create easy-to-understand infographics for our teachers to learn about the odds of project completion and get helpful tips for getting projects fully funded.

But Column Five’s reach is certainly not limited to infographics—they also helped revamp the About section on the website! Here’s a quick look at some of the awesome features:

  • The How it Works page now includes an interactive animation that walks you through exactly how gets materials into classrooms around the nation:

  • The Story page now features a fun timeline that lets you travel on a school-bus time machine back to April 2000 when launched in the Bronx, NY classroom of our founder, Charles Best:

  • The Impact page allows you to track the impact has made in classrooms over the past 13 years, throughout the nation AND in the state of your choice:

As you can see, Column Five Media has consistently provided with amazing content. We could not be happier with their work. So here’s to you, Column Five Media!


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