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The Family that Gives Together

We received a fantastic email from one of our donors and we had to share.

“…my family made our charity this year — particularly because our kindergartener started public school in Montclair this year and was curious what kindergarten was like for other kids around the country. He helped us pick every classroom we donated to, how we spent our money, and read every classroom request. And when the packets of thank yous arrived, he was flabbergasted that they’re actually real kids 🙂 What a wonderful experience, and a fabulous way to teach kids about the power of giving — you guys really know what you’re doing. You’ve certainly got our attention.”

Thank you Lisa for using to teach your children the power of giving back!

We love hearing stories like this! Tell us about the way you engage your kids in philanthropy in the comments section. Comment in the next 10 days for a chance to win a $50 gift card to spend with your family.


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