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Top 4 Uses for iPads in Classrooms

Now more than ever, teachers are incorporating the latest models of technology into their classrooms. Tablets – iPads especially – are pushing the boundaries, making students and teachers rethink their definition of traditional education. According to Apple, over 1.5 million iPads are already being used in schools, including those served by  Here are the top 4 ways teachers are using iPads:

1. Increasing Student Achievement

As one of our teachers Mrs. Gryzynger writes for her project, iMagination through iPads, “touch-technology is the way of future computing. Why not start with our youngest learners, giving them the opportunity to work technology while learning important reading and mathematics skills?” iPad use ensures that students leave school with an understanding of how technology works.

2. Apps to the Max

The iPad features over 20,000 Education Apps available to download, ranging in subject areas such as  history language, science and digital arts.These apps are designed for student learning, but some are teacher exclusive! One specific app called Teacher’s Assistant Pro is specifically designed so that teachers can track their students’ progress and behavior in the classroom.

3. Motivation Through Technology

Ms. Bendiksen has piloted a special iPad project designed to teach students the importance of technology and how it can improve students’ motivation to learn. Bendiksen believes that by encouraging her students to become technologically savvy with regular iPad use, it will open the doors to different and more engaging styles, of learning. Using an iPad in the classroom is a stimulating and fun new way for students to keep motivated and fully maximize their educational potential.

4. Special Needs Education
Since the iPad is designed with such simple yet innovative technology, it allows students of all ages and learning abilities to utilize them. Students with special needs can benefit significantly from its touch and slide features. One teacher, Mrs. Keur, values the iPad as it allows her students with physical, medical, and visual impairments to make choices and communicate easily. Mrs. Keur and other staff members at this high poverty school in Missouri are attending a webinar to teach them how to use the iPad most effectively with their students.


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