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“True Happiness”

I spend my evenings with some of NYC’s rock star public school teachers as they volunteer in our office. Over the course of the school year, I have gotten to know their students, too, through the stories shared by teachers. Recently a teacher shared this student poem which made my day and was promptly shared with the rest of the staff:

“True Happiness”

I wake up and spring out of my bed

with my hands in the air!

I dash through the kitchen


Only those with a true great heart

hear the sweet and tender and juicy

song from the lips of angels

who see light as light as ever!

Those who see dark in their shells keep the graceful words of angels away.

I am strong and have no shell of darkness.

by Hugo, a second grade student of Melissa Farran in Brooklyn.

Scoot over, Pablo Neruda! I’m adding Hugo to my list of favorite poets.


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