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Welcome Week is Here: Bonus Funds for First Projects

Student and Teacher High Five

Update 10/3/17: Welcome Week has wrapped up, but it’s still a great time to create a project – click the button below to get started!

It’s officially Welcome Week for teachers who have yet to submit a classroom request!

All week long (9/25 – 10/2), teachers who submit their first request will receive a $50 kickoff donation from our community. Teachers can request up to $500 in resources! In addition to the bonus donation, we also have a promo code for teachers making that first request, doubling qualifying new donations made during the request’s first week on the site. We’re aiming to empower as many teachers as possible to get the resources they need for their students.

Are you a teacher who has never posted a project?

Create your first project today!

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Are you a classroom supporter or seasoned teacher?

Spread the word! Share the link to this post with a teacher in your school or community.

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Since 2000, over 372,500 teachers have used to bring materials and experiences to their students. So far, over 77% of public schools in America have at least one teacher who has shared a project request on our site. Watch the video below to hear more from some of the amazing teachers and donors in the community.

The Welcome Week Lowdown

For a teacher new to, Welcome Week is the ultimate moment to get started. As always, you can quickly connect your classroom to our community of donors and partners. But three other elements will come together to make this week especially awesome:

  1. School is in session. Now that students have returned to school, you have a clearer sense than ever of what they’ll need this year.
  2. Prime (giving) time. Our community of donors and partners are especially eager to fund requests during back-to-school season.
  3. Guaranteed support. That $50 first donation is only available during Welcome Week.

We’re so excited to jump in with our community starting September 25 to help teachers get the tools they need! For even more details, visit our help center.


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