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Who Won the 2016 #GivingTuesday GIVEaway?

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to a classroom project on #GivingTuesday and to all the teachers who advocated for their students. Over 17,000 donors came together to make it the single biggest day in history, completing 3,210 projects and sending $1.8 million to classrooms.

Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that giving spirit lives on. A week after #GivingTuesday, 100 lucky people woke up to a little bit of magic in their inbox. Those lucky 50 teachers and 50 donors each won $5,000 in credits that they can use to bring classroom dreams to life. We can’t wait to see which projects they support! Congratulations to the giveaway winners and all of the teachers who had a classroom project supported on #GivingTuesday!

We’re guessing they feel a little something like this right now.

Meet the Winners

Aaron Z. from MA
Alejandra C. from CA
Alicia N. from CO
Amanda C. from OH
Amanda D. from IL
Amanda G. from ME
Ann D. from WA
Ann T. from TN
Anne B. from MI
Bethany C. from KS
Bill E. from AR
Bippy T. from TN
Brenda R. from MA
Carlos G. from TX
Carol W. from CA
Catherine S. from IL
Cathy P. from CA
Chandler C. from MS
Charlotte H. from CA
Charlotte S. from GA
Crystal G. from SC
Dan F. from IL
Dan S. from NC
Dawn K. from NY
Donna C. from CA
Elizabeth L. from NC
Ellie H. from IN
Erica J. from IL
Erica W. from CA
Erin P. from VA
Heather S. from ME
Heidi C. from AZ
Hillary L. from CT
Jamie M. from MI
Jayme W. from TN
Jayne T. from TX
Jeanette M. from CA
Jeanna B. from TX
Jennifer D. from TN
Jennifer M. from CA
Jennifer W. from WA
Jennifer W. from WI
Jill M. from MN
Joan M. from CA
Joelea J. from GA
Julia B. from CA
Julia C. from NC
Julie E. from NY
Julie S. from IL
Karen M. from MN
Kat G. from VA
Kathy S. from MN
Kelly J. from PA
Kelly P. from NC
Kelsey K. from LA
Kimberly H. from NC
Kristen R. from VA
Kristina K. from NC
Laine Y. from CA
Laura H. from NY
Lee M. from IL
Lesleyanne N. from MI
Linda B. from NJ
Luciano A. from FL
Lyndsey G. from TX
Lynn L. from NY
Margaret G. from IL
Mary L. from NY
Matthew S. from NC
Maxwell L. from NY
Melissa B. from FL
Mercedes T. from CA
Missy H. from OH
Nancy F. from AZ
Niki W. from ID
Oliver M. from TN
Pamela B. from NC
Peggy W. from ID
Rafael B. from WI
Raisa S. from CA
Rebecca B. from MD
Rosanne C. from NY
Rosemary B. from NY
Sabrina G. from MA
Sarah B. from NM
Sarah G. from MI
Sarah W. from PA
Shaya S. from IL
Susan R. from IL
Susan Y. from CA
Suzanne A. from IN
Tamara E. from MA
Tamera W. from KS
Teresa T. from MN
Terra L. from LA
Theresa R. from FL
Toby T. from OK
Ursula H. from NY
Vanessa V. from CA
Yolanda S. from CA



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